Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things irritating me at the State of the Union

Female Congressmen in jewel tones.
The First Lady's arms, again.
Those green ribbons on what seems to be only Democrat lapels. In honor of St. Patrick?
The word "healing" used multiple times.
Jewel tone ties.
The President jumping around and waving his arms all over the place.
Joe Biden chewing on a pen.
The President over-modulating his voice. Up and down and up and down.
Good Lord, an orange tie on Chuck Schumer. And with the green ribbon too. Well it is Mardi Gras.
"Good job Joe"
Where does he think this money comes from? $9/hour minimum wage? That means my loaf of bread just went up too, which means so did the cost of living for those people you just lifted out of poverty! Good job Barry!
Boehner carries a handkerchief. And uses it.
It looks like Easter with those three ties on the screen shot.
Hot pink on the Leader of Homeland Security.
"Help allies who take the fight to terrorists" - except we tend to arm up and coming terror groups who will turn against us.
Congressmen and the VP taking notes-clapping with pens in their hands.
Clapping. Just wait til the end.
People live on a dollar a day, but we need $9/hour?
White on Rice. Ha!
"Thank ya honey"
I'll bet the Justices are happy they don't have to jump up and down like the rest of the partisans.
"An improved voting experience." Yeah, I'd go for that too. I'd focus on outcome, I don't care if I have to wait.
Having victims of gun violence as props.
Desilene had to wait 102 years to get recognized. And does she even know it?
Everybody trying to touch the President on the way out.
Tottering old men.

But if I had to pick one thing, it would be the jewel tone abuse that crossed gender and party lines.  Tacky. Just trying to get noticed.

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