Friday, February 22, 2013

Teddy Turner blames Jane

Teddy Turner swears he's not like his dad:
Jane Fonda was the primary factor in Ted Turner’s transformation into a liberal, according to the media mogul’s conservative son Teddy Turner.

“I was raised in a different time at the Turner household … a very conservative household with capitalism and all of that kind of stuff,’’ Turner told Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show" on Thursday.

According to Turner, it was his father’s 1991 marriage to actress and left-wing activist Jane Fonda (nicknamed “Hanoi Jane” for posing with a Viet Cong anti-aircraft gun and speaking out against America’s participation during the Vietnam War) that turned him into a liberal.
Jane and Ted Sr divorced in 2001. But it's not like he didn't know what he was getting into - the Hanoi Jane thing was more than 20 years prior to their wedding. And she hadn't changed a bit.

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