Sunday, January 13, 2013

The gun show loop hole is really a private sale loop hole

In the gun debate it's important to define terms and phrases.  What is an assault weapon was discussed here (it has to do with cosmetic modifications that have nothing to do with the actual firing technology of the gun). The gun show loop hole makes it seem as if anyone can waltz into a gun show and purchase any scary assault weapon with no obstacles. This is not true for most of the vendors who are regular gun dealers. These are dealers with actual stores, inventory, and supply connections to manufacturers. These dealers must conduct background checks and comply with all transfer laws. Another type of sale happens at some gun shows - the private sale. A non-dealer sells a gun, but in those sales this person does not do a background check since he is not in the sales system. 
The key point we should be addressing when this comes up is the fundamental fallacy of the greatly inflated stories about the “loophole” in question. When you go to one of these shows, there are sellers of all kinds. Some of them are dealers who bring large amounts of stock of various types to sell. And many of them will have some pretty high end, high tech weapons for sale. But here’s the thing… they are registered dealers, most of whom have regular store front operations, and they still have to do a spot background check before the sale.
But there are also other folks there who may only have a few – or even one – gun for sale. Some of them are collectors who are getting rid of their collections. Others may simply no longer have a need for their old hunting rifle and could use the cash. And they largely don’t have access to the system for doing an instant background check. That’s why the so called “loophole” exists. It isn’t a gun show loophole, it’s a private seller loophole.

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