Friday, December 14, 2012

From Blog Althouse: "Most of these comments are horribly insensitive."...

Today a 20 year old man murdered 27 people in a Connecticut elementary school, 20 of whom were children. He is also dead, with a death toll of 28. His cause of death is unknown, though frequently in these situations it is by self-inflicted gunshot. Following on the heels of the mall shooting in Portland where 2 people were murdered, this is another unimaginable tragedy. Althouse links to a NYT article regarding today's school shooting. She highlights one of the comments there:
Althouse: "Most of these comments are horribly insensitive."...: "Are you not capable of mourning the horrific loss of these poor dear innocent souls without turning this into a vituperative bromide about your personal views on gun control?"
Before any blaming, I wish there was a way we could wait to get the true facts, not speculated facts. Once we are able to reflect on the truth of the matter, then it would be appropriate to move forward to find solutions. Instead, the blaming comes in long before the facts, and effectively locks people into positions before an objective view of the situation can be formulated. More gun control is not a solution as violence, as gruesome violence can still be accomplished without a gun (in China 22 children were slashed by a man wielding a knife). It is the thing that instigates the violence that needs attention, not the weapon used.

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