Sunday, December 16, 2012

Free will is a gift from God

One father of a little girl murdered in Connecticut possesses unimaginable strength and faith in God. He answered questions yesterday displaying great humanity and declared a belief in free will - that God gave us free will, and it was up to us to decide how to use it. He acknowledged that it is our choice to determine how we use this gift from God. His words made it ever more heartbreaking that his child would not go forth into the world to continue this message of faith.

It is at this place I hope we could remain for a while, and contemplate how something this horrible can happen if God does exist. That somehow this result is a gift from God? It is, and as it should be, a sign to all of us that evil does exist in this world, and that we have the free will to rise up against it, at the very least in our own actions, and perhaps also to provide an example to others by living a life of faith. This will take as many forms as their are individuals on this earth, but the end convenes equally for all - that we try to live a life in the image of God.

There is plenty of time for the facts to be gathered and solutions to be offered. Do not, at this point, become entrenched in positions that may not reflect the true causes of the problem - for we do not know what that is. Let's wait for these things to develop, keep an open mind that searches for the truth as it is, not as some wish it would be, and for now, cherish the little souls, and their hero teachers who guided them through evil to meet the One who loves us the most.

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