Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fighting Fire

Thinking deep about this loss. 

No matter what they want to say about Romney lacking "likeability" or losing black/latino/women voters, it was Conservatism that lost. We have to face that truth. 

Romney ran an admirable race, but I've come to believe that just like McCain, there was no way he could have won. The culture has shifted too much and we are now at the place Tocqueville warned about: The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.  

As for McCain, he unfortunately followed W. who took the high road and never confronted his detractors. This too is admirable, but it allowed the Left to make enormous gains - if the public only hear one side of the story it will tend to side with that story. 

We need to fight fire with fire. We don't need to be underhanded, vicious liars, but we need to stand up to the bullying and we need it to be loud. This, I believe, is not in the nature of a conservative. We tend to think that when presented with facts, people will make honest and moral decisions. Part of the problem is the facts hardly get out, and when they do they get spun so that they are no longer the truth. The other part of the problem is that people don't make honest and moral decisions unless they are convinced to do so. The culture is to blame. How do you change a culture? That is an overwhelming proposition.

But in order for America to live up to her legacy, the case for Conservatism has to be made. How do we sell it?

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