Monday, November 12, 2012

With friends like these . . .

Apparently, the Petraeus family has long known, and socialized with, the Kelley family. Jill Kelley is the "other other woman" to Paula Broadwell's other woman status. She reported Paula's threatening emails to the FBI, who in turn discovered the origin of the emails, which eventually were traced to Petraeus. Could Jill have known she was bringing down her friend, the CIA Director? I doubt it, she doesn't sound that bright.

Unwittingly, I think this reveals much more about Petraeus than even knowing about the affair. These are the people he hangs out with:

Kelley — who has no government title — often called herself an “ambassador” after a coalition of countries at the military’s Central Command gave her an appreciation certificate calling her an “honorary ambassador.”
More recently, Kelley, a volunteer for the military, also boasted she was named “honorary consulate general to South Korea” and attended a breakfast at the White House, according to the Tampa Bay Times.
She and her husband were regular guests of events held at Central Command headquarters when the general was stationed there, a source said. In turn, Petreaus, 60, and his wife of 38 years, Holly, have attended social functions at the Kelley house, the source added.
Kelley, a Philadelphia native, lives with her surgeon husband, Scott, in a three-story brick home on a swanky block with their daughters, ages 9, 7 and 6 — across the bay from Derek Jeter’s house.
Kelley was seen yesterday pacing inside her $1.5 million home and talking on the phone as she flipped between news channels while a birthday party for one of her daughters took place on the front yard. At least 100 people attended the catered event, which included a full liquor bar, a DJ and an inflatable jumping pit for kids.

I don't mind so much the house, the DJ, the full bar, the catering, or the inflatable jumping pit - just the fact that she wasn't paying attention to her kid!

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