Monday, November 12, 2012

This is quite a mess.

Jill Kelley, friends with Petraeus for years, suddenly starts getting weird emails. She has connections, so she asks her friend in the FBI to check it out (whatever they did to check it out is unknown - was it within the law with the information they had?). After checking it out, they don't find anything criminal, but they keep going (did they authorization to do so? Apparently higher ups were aware of this too). Ultimately this ends up bringing down Kelley's long time friend, who just happens to be the Director of the CIA.
“I don’t know who this person is and I don’t want to keep getting them,” she told the FBI, as recounted by the source.
When the FBI friend showed the emails to the cyber squad in the Tampa field office, her fellow agents noted that the absence of any overt threats.
“No, ‘I’ll kill you’ or ‘I'll burn your house down,’” the source says. “It doesn’t seem really that bad.”
The squad was not even sure the case was worth pursuing, the source says.
“What does this mean? There’s no threat there. This is against the law?” the agents asked themselves by the source’s account.
At most the messages were harassing. The cyber squad had to consult the statute books in its effort to determine whether there was adequate legal cause to open a case.
“It was a close call,” the source says.
What tipped it may have been Kelley’s friendship with the agent. The squad opened a case, though with no expectation it would turn into anything significant.
And all of this, while interesting, is obfuscating the real issue that should be getting the attention: Benghazi. After that, who knew what and when, for all of this, needs major examination.

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