Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The word of the day: MORE

More debt. More spending. More borrowing. More taxing. More unemployment. More food stamps. More abortions. More dead ambassadors. More drone strikes. More kill lists. More infringement of religious freedom. More intrusion into your healthcare. More government. More healthcare premiums. More waiting. More golf. More qualitative easing. More inflation. More unions. More DREAMs. More leading from behind. More division. More race baiting. More blame. More bowing. More crony capitalism. More loopholes. More waivers. More Mao. More Mandarin. More expensive gas, food, energy. More sinking property values. More assaults against civil liberties. More arrests for "probation violations." More stomping on the Constitution. More regulations. More agencies. More commissions to be ignored. More unaccounted for stimulus. More special interests. More ACORN. More Alinsky. More Al-Queda. More spinning centrifuges. More gun control. More covert gun running. More dangerous world. More spiking the football. More illegal immigration. More executive orders circumventing the congress. More recess appointments. More unelected, unaccountable czars. More Joe Bite Me. More Hope in Chains. More federal law suits against the states. More media bias. More obnoxious Hollywood 1 per centers. More uninformed voters. More takers. More bitter clingers. More New Black Panther poll watchers. More Benghazis. More international intervention without congressional approval. More apologies. More big bird. More birth control. More cult of personality. More Vegas, baby! More Kool-aid. More college debt. More indoctrination. More disillusionment. More Kobe beef. More dependency. More passing the buck. More race card. More lies. More revenge. More to come.

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