Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soccer + Afghanistan = Happiness!

Some good news out of Afghanistan - a new soccer league and the televised broadcast of soccer:
The soccer league is a great example of Afghan entrepreneurship. Afghans are good soccer players and have fielded a national team off and on since 1948. Games were primarily played outside the country, so few Afghans saw them. The genius of the A.P.L. was to recognize that, with 60 percent of Afghans now having access to television, soccer games could be broadcast nationally on the new networks and a proper league could be supported. Football fever has ensued. Here are some new heroes at last; buff, handsome, polite sportsmen with colorful uniforms and gelled hair. (The A.P.L. does not sponsor a women’s team, but Afghanistan does have a women’s national team.) The TV production is state of the art: 10 cameras, slo-mo, instant replay, sharp graphics with stats, lively announcers.

Reaching people through enjoyable activities - I love it! Here's another commentary on why the medium of soccer is a potential goldmine for widespread change.

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