Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random thoughts, on a day to reflect and regroup

1. The sun rose, the world did not stop turning.
2. Who would have thought four hours of fitful sleep was more than enough to get me jazzed about the next four years.
3. It’s clear that half of the public is on board with socialism, or doesn’t understand it, or doesn’t recognize it when they see it, or just doesn’t care.
4. South Carolina was the first to secede in 1861.
5. Obama got 62 less electoral and about 7 million fewer popular votes than the last election. Progress!

6. I’m starting a blog.
7. Identity politics is insidious; it will destroy America.
8. I’m disappointed that we don’t get to turn the corner starting today.
9. My son is Zachary, but I’m not Julia.
10. I still don’t know why Obama deserves a second term.
11. The abortion platform is ironic.
12. People need to read Bastiat.
13. Nothing really changed.
14. There are awesome conservatives waiting in the wings.
15. #War

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