Saturday, November 10, 2012

Princeton is probably out now

If Tilghman planned to retire in a couple of years rather than this June, some said, then Petraeus would actually be in a position to campaign for and accept the position. But even though he is interested in the Princeton presidency, they said, it would be difficult for Petraeus to leave the CIA after less than two years.
“A year ago, this would’ve been a slam dunk for him,” the alumnus said. “But I think he is very happy in and with his current position.”
“I don’t think there’s much of a chance that he’ll replace Dr. Tilghman,” O’Hanlon, the Brookings Institution scholar who said he had discussed the presidency with Petraeus, said. “The timing’s off. I think he’s very committed to the CIA,” he explained, though he noted that if President Barack Obama loses this November, then perhaps Petraeus may need to find a new job.
. . . .
Yet despite this indefatigable commitment to his academics, he still maintained a separate commitment that he would never cheat on: physical exercise.
. . . .
“If an opportunity like that came along, I wouldn’t put it past him,” Duffield said this summer, explaining that Petraeus was “loyal to his institutions.”

But apparently not to his wife.

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