Monday, November 19, 2012

"A few lewd exhibitionists are really ruining it for the rest of us"

San Francisco's freedom of expression is in jeopardy. Supervisor Scott Wiener (any relation to Anthony?) has proposed a ban on anyone over the age of 5 exposing private parts in public places. Exemptions will be made for permitted street fairs and parades.
Wiener said he resisted introducing the ordinance, but felt compelled to act after constituents complained about the naked men who gather in a small Castro plaza most days and sometimes walk the streets au naturel. He persuaded his colleagues last year to pass a law requiring a cloth to be placed between public seating and bare rears, yet the complaints have continued.

Stripped down to his sunglasses and hiking boots, McCray Winpsett, 37, said he understands the disgust of residents who would prefer not to see the body modifications and sex enhancement devices sported by some of the Castro nudists. But he thinks Wiener's prohibition goes too far in undermining a tradition "that keeps San Francisco weird."
"A few lewd exhibitionists are really ruining it for the rest of us," he said. "It's my time to come out now to present myself in a light and show what true nudity is all about so people can separate the difference between what a nudist is and an exhibitionist is."
The intent of a nudist and an exhibitionist may diverge, but the view stays the same. 

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