Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Second Debate Nerd Behavior

My nerdy debate notes ought not go to waste. For those who missed it, this mostly one-liner rendition will surely get you up to speed:
R – Romney
O – Obama
M – Moderator
A – Audience of undecided voters
M – First question.
A – College students & jobs?
R – I know what it takes.
O – Your future is bright.

M – What about the long term unemployed?
R – Policies over the last 4 years haven’t worked.
O – Romney has a 1 point plan – folks at the top get different rules.
A – Gas prices?
O –R wants to let oil companies write energy policy.
R – Let’s look at policies – not rhetoric. Criminal bird act.
M – New normal? Gas over $4 – can the govt fix this?
O –Romney didn’t say anything true. Suddenly Romney is a champion of coal.
R – Obama cut licenses.
O – Companies weren’t using leases – use it or lose it.
R – Production on govt land is down.
M – Pres. Obama, please address gas prices – if the energy policy is working?
O – Gas prices were so low because economy was on verge of collapse. We’ve built enough pipeline to wrap around entire earth.
R – I don’t have a policy of stopping wind jobs.
M – Taxes?
R –People at the high end will not pay less. O’s borrowing and spending will result in higher taxes.
O –If we are serious about reducing deficit – moral obligation – then we need to have the wealthy do more. R thinks tax credits grows the economy.
R – I’m not going to cut taxes for wealthy. Lower rates make it easier for small business.
M – R said not going to allow top 5% cut.
O – That’s not settled. Cost of lowering rates 20% and eliminating other cuts – 5 trillion dollars, spend 2 trillion on military – up to 8 trillion dollars! Sketchy deal. You’ll lose your deductions.
M – What happens if the numbers don’t add up?
R – Of course they add up. O’s talking about plan foreign to the real plan, and then we have his own record. Road to debt. I know what it takes.
A – Inequalities in the workplace?
O – Great question. Raised by single mom. Grandmother. Smart as a whip. Glass ceiling. The first bill I signed – Lilly Ledbetter. We do not tolerate discrimination.
R –Binders full of women. Massachusetts had more women in senior leadership positions than any other state. I have done it already. I know what a working economy looks like.
O –I’ve got 2 daughters and I want to make sure they have the same opportunity.
M – Next question is for Romney.
A – What’s the biggest difference between you and Bush?
R – Bush had a different path for different time.
O – We did come in tough times. Been digging out of policies that were focused on the top doing well.
A – I voted for O. Not as optimistic now.
O – Tough 4 years.
R – I think you know the last 4 years haven’t been as good as he said.
A – Immigrants living here without green card, but are productive.
R – Immigration nation. O broke promise on immigration legislation – didn’t even try.
O – We are a nation of immigrants. Have done everything I can on my own! Arizona law. If my daughter doesn’t look like a citizen I don’t want her subject to that law. I did try!
R – O needs to check his pension – Investments in Cayman Islands, China.
O – Mine not as big as R’s.
O –[Immigration] is a divisive political issue. I could have done it all because of the Democrat congress.
A – Libya – State Dept refused security – who denied it and why?
O – Diplomats serve all around the world, dangerous job, my representatives. Nobody more concerned than me. Beef up security in region. Investigate. Hunt them down. R made it a political issue. I mean what I say.
R –Buck does stop at the president. O went to fundraiser before we knew what happened. Symbolic significance. Apology tour. Policy unraveling.
O –I was in the rose garden after the attack. Suggestion that anyone on my team would play politics is offensive.
R – You said it was an act of terror? Not a spontaneous act?
O – Go on Governor.
A – AK47 – limit availability?
O – I believe in the 2nd Amendment. Aurora. Reduce violence generally. Chicago. Comprehensive strategy.
R –Parents need to raise kids – 2 parent family, poverty goes down, opportunities go up. Failure in gun violence – Fast and Furious.
O – R seeking NRA endorsement.
A – Outsourcing?
R – Make it more attractive to come here. No trickle down government. Make China play by the rules. I will label China a currency manipulator.
O – Create jobs here. R wants to give breaks to those overseas. Chinas currency has gone up 11%.
M – iPhone manufactured in China. What can we do to make those jobs come here?
R – We can compete with anyone on level playing field. China cheats.
O – Some jobs won’t come back - low wage, low skill jobs.
A – What is the biggest misperception about you?
R – I care about 100%. Don’t have to settle.
O – Govt creates jobs – I don’t believe that. Free enterprise. Self reliance. Individual initiative. Risk takers. But fair shot, fair share, same rules. 47%. Victims.

NOW, aren't you so much better informed?! ;)

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